Healthy Schools Rating Scheme

The healthy schools rating scheme has been established by the Department for Education help schools improve the health and wellbeing of their pupils.

The Department for Education healthy schools rating scheme is a voluntary national scheme that recognises and encourages the contribution of schools to promoting health and wellbeing to children and young people. The scheme celebrates the positive actions of schools to promote physical activity and healthy eating whilst identifying the next steps for schools to further improve their provisions. Schools will receive a rating based upon their answers, the self-assessment covers four areas: active travel, food education, food standards and physical education.

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Active Travel

Walking and cycling to school is not only good for physical and mental health, it can improve quality of life and is beneficial to the environment. Walk to School and Bikeability schemes can help you to increase the proportion of students engaging in active travel.





Active Lives Children and Young People

The Active Lives Children and Young People Survey has been designed by Sport England to gather data on how young people engage with sport and physical activity. Taking part in the survey will not only support in obtaining a healthy schools rating but you will be provided with a bespoke report into how your pupils participate in physical activity. If you wish to obtain a Healthy Schools Rating you will need to complete the survey, if you have not been selected as part of the national sample you will need to opt-in to complete the survey.


Food Education

Schools have a key role in supporting their pupils to develop their understanding around healthy eating to enable them to lead healthy lives. There are a variety of ways in which schools can embed a whole-school approach to food education into the school day. You can utilise cooking clubs, growing food on site, encourage students to support catering staff to prepare school meals as well as embedding food education into other lessons.




Physical Education

The scheme recognises the importance of physical activity for the wellbeing of children and young people. PE is compulsory at all four key stages and should provide opportunities for children to excel in a wide range of activities. Schools should be offering a minimum of 1.5 hours to all year groups to achieve a bronze rating. The Association for Physical Education can help support your school to promote high levels of physical activity,

Food Standards

School food standards ensure that the food served in schools is healthy and nutritious. Within the rating the scheme the focus is upon compliance and the steps being taken to achieve the desired standards. Schools may arrange additional training for catering staff, seek formal assurances from caterers or the local authority, appointing a nominated school governor and achieving external accreditation for their school meals.