Satellite Clubs

Satellite clubs provide opportunities for 14-19 year olds to take part regularly in physical activity and sport through the creation of enjoyable, convenient club opportunities that are designed around their needs and provide a positive experience of being active.

At GreaterSport, we know that many children and young people in our region are failing to meet the activity level targets set by the Chief Medical Officer. Both in and out of school, Greater Manchester reports higher inactivity levels than national expectations.

The figures are concerning. But we know they can be changed.

One way to make an impact is through the satellite clubs initiative. Satellite Clubs provide young people with opportunities that they may not otherwise have to get actively involved in, and more engaged with, sport. They’re designed around their needs and motivations, making it easy for them to develop regular activity habits that they enjoy.

Who benefits from Satellite Clubs?

At GreaterSport, we know it’s crucial that everyone across Greater Manchester has the opportunity to increase their activity levels. However, our research has shown us that certain groups of people are in need of additional support.

New satellite clubs, therefore, must be focused on young people aged 14+ but can support younger age groups too. They should be targeted at helping these young people to become active or to build regular activity habits, and/or at under-represented groups in sport. For Greater Manchester, we know that these groups are:

  • Ethnically Diverse Communities
  • Disadvantaged Communities (low socio-economic background)
  • LGB+ Community
  • Trans* / Non-binary
  • Those with mental health conditions including poor mental health
  • College/6th Form Transition
  • Women and Girls
  • Young person with physical disability
  • Autism/ SEND
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s)

As well as catering to these specific groups, activity provided through satellite clubs must also meet additional requirements. It should aim to achieve the Chief Medical Officer’s recommendation of delivering moderate to vigorous-intensity physical activity. It must be linked to, or developed into, a regular sport and/or physical activity opportunity. It should support young people at points of disruption in their lives, and be led by the young people themselves (by including them in decisions and design). Finally, of course, appropriate safeguarding standards must be in place.

How do satellite clubs make a difference?

Encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle for children and young people in Greater Manchester is imperative. Our goal is to decrease inactivity levels across our region, and the two key objectives of satellite clubs help us to achieve this:

1) Providing positive experiences

At GreaterSport, we understand that inactivity levels in young people are often due to lack of confidence or enjoyment. Satellite clubs aim to change this. Building active partnerships with clubs, activity deliverers and other providers, we can create fun, enjoyable experiences for young people. They reduce negativity by developing confidence and a positive attitude to sports and physical activities.

2) Behaviour changes

It’s vital that physical activity becomes an integral part of day-to-day life. Satellite clubs help create regular activity habits among young people, especially those from groups under-represented in sport. They support them at points of disruption, too, when attitudes to, and engagement in, sport and physical activity often change.

How can you get involved?

We’ve prepared a satellite clubs guidance document, within which you’ll find more information about requirements, funding and the ways in which you can get involved. 

Once you’ve decided it’s right for you, there’s an application form and a link to tell us your story. That way, we’ll know more about you and quickly discover the best ways to support you. All of these documents are available to download at the top of this page.

Please send your completed information to [email protected].

If you need further support, please contact Francesca Speakman. We’ll be happy to put you in touch with your local club link maker.

We’re proudly using our knowledge and connections to support this Sport England programme, funded by The National Lottery. Working with you, we’ll help Greater Manchester’s young people develop confidence, encourage teamwork and grow their self-esteem.