Here you can find support, guidance and opportunities for you or your volunteers. In Greater Manchester there are currently 336,000 people volunteering in sport and activity ensuring there are opportunities for all ages to take part in activity and that professional sport is showcased with slick processes through event support.

Are you looking to try something new or develop and share your skills with the wider community? Greater Manchester is full of events, projects and clubs who can all provide their own unique experience. You could be someone’s event assistant, community champion, ambassador, walk leader or even a coach and don't worry about experience, many of the opportunities are there to build your experience.

You could also bring the skills that you have professionally, such as marketing, accounting, administration or so much more, to support community sport projects and clubs. If your work provides you with volunteer days, could you use them to support physical activity and sport provision in your community. Get in touch with us, or your local Community and Voluntary Service (CVS) to see how you can get involved.

Volunteer at events

If you would like volunteer in local, regional or even international sport events taking place in Greater Manchester sign up to Greater Manchester VIP here.

Volunteer in your local area

If you would like to volunteer within your area visit your local Community and Voluntary Service (CVS).

Bolton: www.boltoncvs.org.uk
Bury: www.buryvcfa.org.uk
Manchester: www.manchestercommunitycentral.org
Oldham: www.actiontogether.org.uk
Rochdale: www.actiontogether.org.uk
Salford: www.salfordcvs.co.uk
Stockport: www.stockport.gov.uk/topic/get-involved
Tameside: www.actiontogether.org.uk
Trafford: www.thrivetrafford.org.uk
Wigan: www.wbcommunitypartnership.org

CVS organisations can also support you or your organisation in recruiting, developing and retaining your volunteers.

Looking for volunteers:

If you're hosting an event, why don’t you register it with the Greater Manchester Volunteer Inspire Programme. There are over 9,000 volunteers registered and looking for opportunities to volunteer – sign up here

If you are a local community group or sports club and you are looking for volunteers get in contact with your local CVS organisation and they will be able to support finding you the right volunteers.

Jen's volunteering journey

Jen is a carer for her husband and felt guilty about being away from him and taking time for herself. However, she’s learned that as a carer she has to take time for herself to help her be the best support to her husband that she can be. Through volunteering with the On Your Bike programme, she’s found something that she loves to do and an extra support network for herself, that she didn’t even realise she needed. 

Lindsey's parkrun volunteering journey

Lindsey wanted to improve the health and wellbeing of her local community in Burnage, Manchester, by setting up a parkrun, but was worried about how much time she could commit to it. With work commitments and family responsibilities filling her plate, she was unsure how realistic taking on more would be for her. Despite her uncertainty, Lindsey decided that it’s important to make time for things that you value, after all, we're all busy! Read her story.

Lindsey in a park in a high visibility jacket setting up parkrun

Kiera's volunteering journey

For Kiera, who has multiple learning disabilities, sport was the first place she was able to make friends after being bullied at school, and it was seeing her coaches helping others that inspired her to start her own journey. Volunteering and coaching people of all ages, as her mother Jacqui says, has been the making of her. People with learning disabilities are often told that they can’t do things, but can’t certainly isn’t in Kiera’s vocabulary.

Katrina's volunteering journey

Having a disability had meant Katrina had been verbally abused a lot of her life, causing her self confidence to be rock bottom, and meaning she only spoke to those in her close family. Whilst Breakthrough were supporting Katrina in finding employment, she started volunteering with the UK Cheerleading Association, which helped her to grow in confidence, gain lifelong friends, and find employment, doing a job which she loves. Read her story here.

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We're never too busy to give back

By GreaterSport | 12 December 2019

As part of the Pass On Your Passion campaign, we spoke with Lindsey, who had the desire to volunteer in her community but struggled to finding the time to do it.

Finding your voice through volunteering

By GreaterSport | 12 December 2019

People with disabilities often face many extra barriers in life than those without, making what, to many people seem like simple and easy tasks, much harder. For Katrina, volunteering started her on the path to self-confidence, and employment

Campaign aims to inspire more women into volunteering and coaching within sport and physical activity in Greater Manchester

By GreaterSport | 09 December 2019

The Pass On Your Passion campaign has been celebrating the female workforce that make sport and physical activity happen across the north of England. Starting in Yorkshire in September the campaign has reached its final week here in Greater Manchester and will see women share their stories of how they overcame their own barriers to get involved in volunteering.

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