The GreaterSport team is passionate about using sport and physical activity to make a positive impact on the lives of everyone across Greater Manchester.

Staff profiles are available via the links below the diagram and give you more detail as to who is who in the GreaterSport team!

Alex Bielecki (Development Manager - BOPS)

Catherine Conroy (Marketing Support Officer)

Eddie Asong (Finance Manager)

Emma Forrest (Development Officer - Children & Young People)

Holly Lam-Moores (Senior Talent Coach)

Hazel Musgrove (National Governing Bodies Officer)

Jane Gardiner (Development Manager - Workforce)

John Brady (Sport Development Officer)

Karen Broomhead (Development Manager - Marketing)

Katie Corner (Marketing Support Officer)

Liz Norris (Social Inclusion Coordinator)

Louise Entwistle (Sports Development Officer)

Louise Robbins (Development Manager - Physical Activity)

Matt Johnson (Deputy CEO)

Matt Stocks (Senior Development Manager CVP)

Nick Lowden (Workforce Development Officer)

Phillip Gray (Research & Insight)

Rachel Peers (Workforce Officer)

Rhiannon Adams (Under 5's Physical Activity Development Officer)

Ruby Quao (Finance Assistant)

Shannon Howarth (Sport and Activity Support Officer)

Sharon Skade (Under 5's Development & Training Officer)

Shirley Veevers (Development Manager - Sport)

Viv Elvidge (Officer Manager)

Yvonne Harrison (CEO)