• Colleagues walking down the streets

    8 ways to improve your health and fitness in your daily life

    This National Fitness Day, take a look at eight simple ways you can improve your fitness in your daily life

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  • The benefits of being a cycle-friendly employer

    By promoting active travel, employers can demonstrate corporate social responsibility whilst improving staff wellbeing.

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  • Didsbury Business Games Return for 2018

    After a successful first year in 2017, the Didsbury Business Games have returned in 2018.

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  • Workers in open-plan offices 'more active'

    Workers in open-plan offices are more active and less stressed than those with desks in cubicles or private offices, research suggests.

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  • Sport Relief ‘Step Up’ Workplace Campaign

    ​Sport Relief is challenging the nation to reach 1 billion steps per day with workplaces being key to achieve this

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  • GM Moving workplace daily mile

    GM Moving Pledge In Action: The Workplace Daily Mile

    Read how GM Moving has inspired one workplace into getting more active

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