“The fundamental question is to understand how working with, and in, places, we can address the stubborn inequalities that exist among the least active through community-led solutions." GM Local Pilot Process Evaluation, 2020-21

The GM Moving approach to working in ‘place’ is not to create a universal blueprint of interventions, but to establish a set of principles of how to work, to support and enable long-term culture change, system change and behaviour change. The approach explores questions of how we recognise the strengths, challenges and opportunities in different neighbourhoods and communities and grow what’s good. It’s about how we design activities, spaces and facilities that enable everyday movement in ways that are appropriate to the needs of a community, and supporting the most valuable assets in a place – the people.

Within a place-based approach there needs to be a willingness to test, adapt and learn; to celebrate and understand successes; to be brave and honest; to learn from failure; to work alongside people, statutory and voluntary organisations; to learn, share and spread what’s good across a place; to create a new way of connecting conversations, bringing greater value and; to shift from a one dimensional, statistical evidence base, to one which is more nuanced that includes the individual and community stories and impacts.

Our approach:

  • Strength-based: Investing in and growing existing local assets, ownership, identity and sustainability as well as learning from best practice.
  • Partnerships in place: Promoting joint working between place-based partners for active homes, streets, schools, workplaces, community centres, GPs, hospitals and services.
  • Plan ahead and embed best practice into the structure: Increasing active travel and active lives through embedding into the built and natural environment through good urban design, planning, implantation and advocacy.
  • Holistic approach to a good life: Play our part in creating healthy, sustainable places, supporting good lives for all in GM and in building a greener, cleaner and more sustainable city-region, to include contributing towards GM’s zero-carbon ambitions for 2038.

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