About Greater Manchester Moving

Greater Manchester Moving is a leading Greater Manchester charity changing lives through movement, physical activity, and sport. 

We lead, support, and connect people and partners to deliver the GM Moving in Action strategy together. 

We are one of 42 Active Partnerships; a network of system partners working with Sport England to support the local implementation of the Uniting the Movement Strategy.

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Contribution to GM Moving in Action

Greater Manchester Moving lead, support, and connect people and partners across the system to develop and deliver on the whole system vision and approach to GM Moving in Action. Our organisational role is an important one. It includes, but isn’t limited to;

Understanding and Sharing

  • Analysis and understanding of data, insight and evidence (about why active lives matter and what is going on in Greater Manchester communities).
  • Understanding what makes change happen.
  • Translating and sharing the understanding of what makes change happen.

Enabling Change

  • Influencing systemic and structural drivers of active lives and inequalities.
  • Engaging and influencing across the system to enable change (in priority areas, places and sectors).
  • Developing and leading approaches that support culture change, system change and behaviour change across the life course.
  • Facilitating, convening, enabling and connecting people and organisations across the system to work together to a shared ambition and purpose.
  • Providing high quality public narrative, marketing and communications to enable change.
  • Supporting people and leadership development across the system.

This is all underpinned by

  • Excellence in governance, finance, HR and business operations.

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