Sport and physical activity, in all its forms, is an important piece of the jigsaw in a whole system approach to active lives and addressing inequalities. 

Sport and physical activity offers people, communities and society immense value whether that's as an individual or group; inside or out; an elite athlete or a community participant; solo or mass participation events; spectator or volunteer. It offers health, physical and mental wellbeing benefits, confidence, joy, fun, achievement, connection, and a sense of belonging. It builds community cohesion and identity, and provides opportunities to get involved within the legacy of mass participation events. It is a powerful economic driver, providing employment and skills to individuals and economic value to communities, towns and cities. 

We will keep growing the Greater Manchester (GM) Moving movement through sport and physical activity. We’ll do this by providing spaces for people and leaders to make connections and strengthen existing ones, to build relationships and create change together, as part of a whole system approach. We will share learning and ensure that it informs practice across the system to support the contribution of sport and the physical activity sector to GM Moving. 

Read this summary report from a sector event held in March 2021 which helped to shape the 2021-2031 GM Moving Strategy. 

GM Moving works collectively with many organisations who contribute to GM Moving through sport and physical activity. This includes National Governing Bodies, Community Leisure providers, professional football club foundations, community clubs, charities, and private providers. 


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