GM Moving Resource Hub

What is it?

The GM Moving Resource Hub is designed as a place where partners can access and share useful resources supporting projects, campaigns, and initiatives taking place across Greater Manchester that focus on movement and physical activity.

The themes currently on the Resource Hub are outlined below however we’ll be looking to expand and continue adding resources that will be useful for partners.

All photos and videos on the Resource Hub have the consent for GM Moving partners to use across Greater Manchester and beyond.

What you’ll find on the Resource Hub:

  • Image Library
  • Video Library
  • Project Resources
  • Marketing Campaigns

How does it work?

Users are able to filter assets in a number of ways on the righthand side such as by borough, activity, and media type. 

Partners can also upload resources beneficial to others providing they have the relevant consent. Please note these will be reviewed by GM Moving before being published. 

We'd encourage partners to share their photos/videos/stories etc to make it easier for partners across Greater Manchester and further afield to promote movement and physical activity as part of every day life.

Accessing the Resource Hub

To access and be able to use the Resource Hub you will need to create an account. Your account will then be approved by GM Moving, after which point you'll be able to access, download, and share content. 

Create an account here

If you have any questions about the GM Moving Resource Hub please contact Lauren Wood

Further details please contact