• More people moving in Greater Manchester…. but inequalities still exist

    More people are moving in Greater Manchester (GM) as highlighted by the recent release of Sport England’s Adults Active Lives Survey. Since 2015-16 inactivity levels have dropped by 1.7%, three times as much as nationally of 0.5%. However, there are still more than a quarter of adults (26.8%) that are inactive, which equates to 596,800 adults in GM. There are significant inequalities across people and place in inactivity levels.

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    GM Moving Research & Insight Brief

    We are seeking to appoint a partner or a consortium with a lead organisation to support GMMoving's marketing ambition through research and insight.

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  • Study: Exercise in Old Age Prevents Immune System From Declining

    Study shows regular exercise in older age can prevent the human immune system from declining and protect people against illness.

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  • Research finds 4 year olds are not physically ready to start school.

    Research from Loughborough University in 2016 revealed that many four-year-olds are not physically ready to start school.

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  • Greater Manchester Borough Packs Provide Key Statistics for Localised Physical Activity

    Following the latest Active Lives Data, GreaterSport have updated its borough packs which present key statistics for each local authority

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    Children’s Engagement with the Outdoors and Sports Activities by ONS

    ​The latest release from the Office for National Statistics provides an analysis of the UK Time Use Survey which looks at the amount of time children spend engaging with the outdoors and sports activities.

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