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    Andy Burnham announces new campaign to get Greater Manchester moving more

    At the GM Moving conference, Andy Burnham revealed plans for the GM Moving campaign created to get residents across all ten boroughs of the city-region involved

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    Greater Manchester Local Pilot Update April 2019

    The latest update on the progress of Greater Manchester's Local Delivery Pilot

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    Nominations open for new Greater Manchester Mayor's Award at the Greater Manchester Sports Awards

    Nominations open for the new Greater Manchester Mayor's Award, recognising those making an outstanding Commitment to Greater Manchester Moving

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  • Rainbow Haven - Physical Activity for Social Integration

    Discover how engaging in sport helps refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants meet new people, make friends, build confidence and feel healthier.

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  • 7 Reasons Exercise is Better Together

    You know exercise is good for the body, but did you know that having a couple extra bodies in the room is also good for you?

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  • MBA40 Starter - Returning to Team Sport in association with Manchester Giants

    Discover how a basketball session set up for over 40s has helped them regain their fitness and improve their health

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