• Two women holding signs that say "I care about Clean Air"

    Chance to share views on Greater Manchester’s proposals to tackle health threat of roadside air pollution

    ​Greater Manchester leaders are calling on businesses and residents to help shape proposals to clean up dirty air at the roadside, the most serious environmental health issue facing the city-region

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  • Colleagues walking down the streets

    8 ways to improve your health and fitness in your daily life

    This National Fitness Day, take a look at eight simple ways you can improve your fitness in your daily life

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  • The benefits of being a cycle-friendly employer

    By promoting active travel, employers can demonstrate corporate social responsibility whilst improving staff wellbeing.

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  • Active travel is associated with less sickness absence

    According to a study done in 2010 for the Preventive Medicine Journal, the more often people cycle to work and the longer the distance travelled, the less they report sick.

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