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Study: Exercise in Old Age Prevents Immune System From Declining

By GreaterSport | 28 March 2018

Study shows regular exercise in older age can prevent the human immune system from declining and protect people against illness.

Exercise may decrease your risk of dementia by over 85%

By GreaterSport | 03 April 2018

Having a high level of cardiovascular fitness cuts dementia risk by 88%, according to new research.

Physical Development at Holly Tree Montessori Nursery

By GreaterSport | 06 April 2018

Read how Holly Tree Montessori Nursery in Stockport have implemented different ways to encourage children's physical development

​Simplyhealth Junior and Mini Great Manchester Run

By GreaterSport | 09 April 2018

Children can be a part of a fantastic day of running when the Simplyhealth Junior and Mini Great Manchester Run returns to the city on Sunday 20 May.

Women in Sport - Research and Insight service

By GreaterSport | 11 April 2018

Women In Sports research and insight service is a one stop shop to help access, understand and apply research aimed at encouraging more girls and women into physical activity and sport.

Inactivity related to bladder problems in middle-aged men

By GreaterSport | 17 April 2018

Middle-aged men who are sedentary much of the day and don’t get a lot of exercise are more likely to develop bladder and urinary tract symptoms than their peers who sit less, a Korean study suggests.