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Elite Margins - Unlocking your personal best

By GreaterSport | 15 February 2018

Can Elite Margins help you achieve your personal best, whether your area is sport education or business they and their Olympians could help you out!

GreaterSport Announced to Receive Funding from GM Combined Authority

By GreaterSport | 28 February 2018

GreaterSport are proud to be a recipient of the new Culture and Social Impact Fund from Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA).

Early Years Movement Therapist Explains the Importance of Physical Activity in the Early Years

By GreaterSport | 01 March 2018

Janice Graham is a movement therapist, passionate about enabling both children and adults to realise their potential and enjoy learning. Hear her views on the importance of physical activity in the early years.

Ofsted Says Settings Are 'Not Physical Enough'

By GreaterSport | 05 March 2018

Ofsted is planning a new focus on physical development in early years settings, with deputy director of early education Gill Jones claiming that nurseries and pre-schools are not adequately physically challenging.

Insight into Action; Evidence, Data, Insight

By GreaterSport | 06 March 2018

Across Greater Manchester, there is a shared commitment to evidence based, insight led policy and practice. Leading GM Moving have created a workshop to facilitate these needs.

Study: Exposure to the Outdoors Beneficial for Mental Wellbeing

By GreaterSport | 06 March 2018

Researchers at King's College London have found that being outdoors and feeling in contact with nature were associated with higher levels of mental wellbeing.