GreaterSport is a high performing charity passionate about changing lives through physical activity and sport. Our vision is to make Greater Manchester the most active region in England. We are also the County Sport Partnership (CSP) for Greater Manchester, one of a network across the country who have some core responsibilities supported by Sport England.


GreaterSport believes and can evidence that physical activity and sport has a fundamental role to the health, wealth and wellbeing of Greater Manchester residents and a major contributor to making Greater Manchester one of the best places in the world.


GreaterSport commits to working alongside our partners and doing things together to help achieve life changing outcomes for people across Greater Manchester. GreaterSport will work collaboratively to deliver on the 12 priorities within GM Moving (the comprehensive plan to reduce inactivity and increase participation in physical activity) as referenced in the Greater Manchester Strategy, GM Population Health Plan and the Mayor' s Manifesto;

Our 12 Priorities:

1. Policy and strategic architecture

Lead policy, legislation, and system change to support active lives, ensuring that physical activity becomes a central feature in policy and practice.

2. System change across the life course

Provide strategic leadership to secure system change for physical activity and sport across the life course.

3. Start Well

Ensure that young people aged 0-4 have the best active start in life with physical literacy prioritised as a central feature of starting well.

4. Develop Well

Make Greater Manchester the best place in England for young people aged 5-25 to grow up, developing their life chances through a more active lifestyle.

5. Live Well

Increase physical activity and sport across the adult population, reducing inequalities and contributing to health, wealth and wellbeing.

6. Age Well

Supporting the Greater Manchester ambition for an age friendly city region, which will lead to better health, wellbeing and independence.

7. Place

Develop more active and sustainable environments and communities through active design and infrastructure.

8. Economic Growth

Maximise the contribution of the physical activity and sport sector to economic growth across Greater Manchester.

9. Workforce

Build the knowledge, skills and understanding of the workforce to embed physical activity, make every contact count, and develop a diverse workforce.

10. Evidence, data and insight

Ensure that evidence, data and insight inform the development of policy and practice to support active lives.

11. Evaluation

Developing quality standards and embedding high quality evaluation into all GM Moving work.

12. Marketing and Communications

Deliver high quality marketing and communications to support messaging and engagement of people from priority audiences in active lives.

Find out more about how we will accomplish these aims here.


GreaterSport is not a delivery organisation or simply a conduit to investment. We provide leadership, a common narrative for physical activity and sport in Greater Manchester, we broker and facilitate relationships, participate in, and encourage genuine collaboration and co-production. We develop and share insight, help to define what good looks like, share good practice across the network and help ensure we have a workforce fit to deliver the ambitions of GM Moving.

We have the following primary functions:

1. To provide leadership within Greater Manchester for physical activity and sport, championing the contribution that physical activity and sport can have across strategic priorities within Greater Manchester. We are not alone in providing leadership it is incumbent on the whole system to step forward, but along with organisations such as the local authorities and GM Active we have a key strategic role on behalf of the network.

2. To create a united voice, bring coherence, simplicity and connectivity to the physical activity and sport landscape. We will help to translate and facilitate connections to other sectors and vice versa to support action against the shared priorities. We will keep abreast of and engage with developments and governance structures in Greater Manchester, representing the sector and keeping our network well informed.

3. To support organisations in bringing the ambitions of Greater Manchester Moving to life.

4. To help land the ambitions of Sport England’s Strategy, Towards An Active Nation within Greater Manchester.

5. To work with our partners to develop a detailed understanding of people and places in Greater Manchester connected to our priorities for physical activity and sport.

7. To source and develop products, programmes and interventions in collaboration with local and national partners.

8. To help embed and scale up good practice.


We will get 2 million people in Greater Manchester moving by 2021

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