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We are passionate about changing lives through physical activity. Here you will find out why

The facts

Exercise is a wonder drug to help many of us live longer, healthier and happier lives... However, over a third of adults and six in ten young people in Greater Manchester are not active enough to benefit their health. This lack of movement is the fourth leading cause of premature death in the UK.

At GreaterSport, we want to change these results by increasing the dose of movement into everyone’s everyday lives. Just 30 minutes a day can make a huge difference.

Our ambition as a charity is to enable two million people to be active by 2021. And by 2025, our aim is to support the GM Moving ambition of 75% of residents to be on the move making us the most active region in the UK.

Our challenge is simple: to change lives through physical activity.

To get there: we need your help.

Why it matters

The medicine that is physical activity can reduce the risk of death from any cause by 30%.

Whether we walk, run, swim, cycle, exercise, play sports or take the stairs rather than the lift, being active has a hugely positive effect on our health and wellbeing.

Moving for 30 mins a day can reduce rates of:

  • Breast cancer by 20%
  • Colon cancer, depression and dementia by 30%
  • Cardiovascular disease by up to 35%
  • Type 2 diabetes by up to 40%
  • Hip fractures by up to 68%.

Being active not only burns calories and keeps us fit, it helps strengthen our muscles and enables our hearts to stay strong.  Exercises produces endorphins, the body’s home-made, natural feel good drugs which also makes us feel better.  It has also been scientifically proven to reduce stress, stimulate our brains to help us think better and concentrate longer and even sleep better.  All in all the perfect antidote to busy lives and enabling more balance. 

Join the movement

There’s so much we can – and must - do, and your support and influence can help us get there.  Exercise is powerful and with your help we can enable more people to move more.

Let’s combine our knowledge and networks and continue to make an impact.

So please partner with us and join the GM movement. 

Together we can enable Greater Manchester to move more. Please get involved by partnering with us, influencing our communities, running a workshop or taking part in a class. Contact us to find out how you can join the movement.

Below is Barbara's story of how physical activity benefits her;

The first walk was a turning point. Barbara’s confidence is building, and she’s now attending up to four walking groups a week across Trafford. It’s given her enjoyment, company and activity: walking and talking to a variety of people. Barbara’s already lost close to four stone, as well as noticing many other physical and mental health benefits.

Barbara, participant of the Active Ageing programme
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