Hayley Lever

Chief Executive Officer (GreaterSport) and GM Moving Exec Lead

Job role: Overall, my role is to lead a whole system approach to address inactivity and engage more people in active lives across Greater Manchester.

My CEO role in GreaterSport is to:

  • Lead GreaterSport to fulfil its strategic and operational role within the ecosystem, to achieve the ambitions of GM Moving.
  • Be Accountable for governance, finance and risk.
  • Support and enable the board and team to implement the Changing Our Lives Together Strategy, in support of GM Moving.
  • Lead the organisation in its role as facilitator, connector, enabler, explorer, innovator and deliverer across Greater Manchester.
  • Offer strategic leadership to, and development of, the organisation and team.
  • Provide the key connection for GreaterSport to GM Moving Exec and other key GM Boards and work.

My GM Moving Executive Lead role is to:

  • Lead GM Moving Executive with the Chair and the whole system membership (GMCA, GMHSCP, 10GM, TfGM, GreaterSport, Sport England, GM Active).
  • Connect GM Moving into the wider GM Reform Journey; learning from it and helping to shape it.
  • Develop and embed a clear, positive public narrative that supports the vision and ambition of GM Moving.
  • Lead a whole system movement across all sectors in Greater Manchester; transport, planning, education, health etc.
  • Lead and act as a catalyst for change and action across GM and beyond.
  • Support and enable all organisations in the ecosystem to play their part in the distributed leadership model.
  • Model excellence in system leadership. Support and enable the development of leadership in others.
  • Share the journey and learning to bring about greater change, so we move further, faster, together.

I lead the development and implementation of the GM Moving, the physical activity strategy. This ambitious whole system plan to reduce inactivity was launched in July 2017, and aims to capitalise on the opportunities that devolution and the transformation of health and social care in Greater Manchester bring. It builds on existing strengths and sets out a life course approach, with the aim of doubling past improvements, reaching the target of 75% of people active or fairly active by 2025.

GM Moving outlines a big ambition and an approach to transformational change which is breaking new ground and aims to get 75% of people in Manchester active or fairly active by 2025. With the leadership and commitment of Greater Manchester’s elected Mayor, Andy Burnham, and the whole system galvanising behind GM Moving, I am constantly reflecting on the journey so far; learning, tactics, strategic and community engagement, challenges, my personal journey and what the future holds. I try to share my latest learning and thinking in ways that keep us all growing and learning together through my blogs; please join in the conversation here.

Date joined: April 2017

Professional background: I moved from my role as Director of Derbyshire Sport to lead Greater Manchester Moving in April 2017. My 25 year career in physical activity and sport development, policy and community development have given me wide experience. My voluntary roles in the community keep it all very real! My passion and excitement for the work is stronger than ever, as we are collectively poised to reach a tipping point in our work to design moving back into life.

Fun Fact: I love to be outdoors. Wild swimming and adventures in the hills help to keep me balanced and happy. In recent years I have started to write poetry and I’ve been ‘encouraged’ to use my poems in my work. I have even used a couple in conference speeches. I am learning that when things feel difficult, I need to go there. It’s where the magic happens!

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Greater Manchester welcomes Sport England's new 10 year Strategy

By Hayley Lever | 26 January 2021

Sport England have shared their new strategy ‘Uniting the Movement’; a 10-year vision to transform lives and communities through sport and physical activity.