Hayley Lever

Chief Executive Officer (GreaterSport) and Strategic Leader (GM Moving)

Job role: To lead a whole system movement to enable population scale change in human activity behaviour.

I lead the development and implementation of the GM Moving, the physical activity strategy. This ambitious whole system plan to reduce inactivity was launched in July 2017, and aims to capitalise on the opportunities that devolution and the transformation of health and social care in Greater Manchester bring. It builds on existing strengths and sets out a life course approach, with the aim of doubling past improvements, reaching the target of 75% of people active or fairly active by 2025.

My role in Greater Manchester is to lead and support the system wide approach to physical activity engagement, in a role, hosted by GreaterSport and born out of a unique Memorandum of Understanding between the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership and Sport England.

GM Moving outlines a big ambition and an approach to transformational change which is breaking new ground and aims to get 75% of people in Manchester active or fairly active by 2025. With the leadership and commitment of Greater Manchester’s elected Mayor, Andy Burnham, and the whole system galvanising behind GM Moving, I am constantly reflecting on the journey so far; learning, tactics, strategic and community engagement, challenges, her personal journey and what the future holds.

Date joined: April 2017

Professional background: I moved from my role as Co-Director of Derbyshire Sport CSP, to lead Greater Manchester Moving, in April 2017. My 25 year career in physical activity and sport development, policy and community development have given me wide ranging experience in the field. My passion and excitement for the work is stronger than ever, as we are collectively poised to reach a tipping point in our fight against inactivity.

Fun Fact: I was a Games Maker at London 2012, in the press team, accompanying the track cyclists through their interviews and press conferences. I looked after Chris Hoy after his final race.. and took his half finished bottle of coke as a souvenir after he left. I still have it... it’s not looking too good, but it’s a great memory!

Mobile: 07712 523259

Email: [email protected]