Hazel Musgrove

Strategic Lead - Evidence and Evaluation

Hazel is currently on maternity leave, please contact Emily in her absence.

Job role: To ensure GreaterSport are the ‘thought leaders’ locally on research and insight, specifically with relation to the inactive cohorts and to provide a compelling evidence base is developed to advocate the benefits of physical activity.

Date joined: May 2014

Professional background: Having graduated with a degree in Psychology in 2010, I pursued a career in water polo for a number of years, before following my passion to change lives through sport and physical activity within sport development. With my psychology background I have always been passionate about the importance of insight and evaluation to identify what works and inform future practice, which led to the development of the research and insight team within GreaterSport in 2016.

Fun fact: I can speak over 5 words of Hungarian after living there to play water polo for 8 months.