95% of office-based employees want to reduce the amount of time they sit at work

By GreaterSport | 06 December 2019 | TAGS: #ActiveWorkplaces


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Researchers at Loughborough University and the University of Leicester have shown through a controlled trial that reducing sitting time at work improves health, wellbeing and work engagement.

Up to half a million employees across the UK have reported a work related musculoskeletal issue. The cost to workplaces across the country is huge with £12.2bn spent annually on presenteeism and £10.6bn on sickness absence. In Greater Manchester alone businesses are spending over £90m a year on sickness absence. The lack of employee activity and time spent sitting could be contributing to these huge costs. 

The good news is that a reduction in sitting of just one hour can make an impact and this can lead to employees;

  • feeling more energised, focused and productive
  • feeling more engaged at work
  • feeling less stressed
  • experiencing less back and neck pain
  • reporting an improved quality of life

As an employer this can help to bring down those costs in absenteeism and presenteeism. Building activity into the working day and making it the norm can help with this as well as providing standing desks as an alternative to sitting all day. 

For helpful tips on how to enable Active Workplaces register for the Active Workplace Toolkit by Clicking Here.

Read more from the controlled trial conducted by Loughborough University and University of Leicester Click Here.

For more on the business case for standing desks from SMART Work Click Here.

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