Developing a community investment fund approach to support the Greater Manchester Walking City Region Ambition

By GreaterSport | 24 July 2019 | TAGS: GM Moving, Walking, GM Walking


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Greater Manchester (GM) Moving is looking for a GM partner to provide expertise and administration for a Community Investment Fund to support the GM Walking City Region Ambition.

We are looking for an organisation to:

  • Administer the fund on behalf of GM Moving/GreaterSport
  • Ensure the fund complements existing local grant schemes
  • Link to and inform existing appropriate local decision making processes

Aims of the GM Walking Community Investment Fund

To create a grant approach that will provide resource to support the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector to develop and deliver initiatives that:

  • Enable everyday walking, empower formal and informal walking, and/or mass walking events, driven from within local communities and/or
  • Support the recruitment of ‘walking champions’ across the system, made up of organsiations and community members/volunteers and buddies.

If you are interested in working with GM Moving on this project please review the attached brief and provide your proposal to Beth Sutcliffe ( by 5pm Friday 23rd  Aug 2019.

If you do have any questions please contact Beth Sutcliffe 07395795934 or the email address above but below you will find some frequently asked questions with responses.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a fee allocated to the administering organisation for delivering this service?

Yes, the GM Moving Walking City expects to pay a reasonable management fee for managing and administering this fund. Organisations with an interest in delivering this service should provide a breakdown of all costs associated in providing management and administration of this fund as part of the submitted proposal.

2. Please clarify how it is envisaged that a voluntary, community or social enterprise might offer such support to a school or workplace? 

It is not suggested that an organisation applying for this fund would offer specialist active travel planning advice to workplaces and schools.  Instead, the purpose is to offer potential resource to support active travel choices and help enable walking connections from the local community to the school or workplace.  It is likely that these ideas will add value to existing travel plans, and will not necessarily need to be part of a formal active travel plan. 

3. Please clarify GM Moving’s timeline for establishing the walking champions network, the sign-up method (assumed online), and the role of a walking champion.

The walking champions network is an emerging and evolving workstream and we are not yet in a position to provide this detailed information. The role of the walking champion will depend on the place they are working within.  Timelines and the sign up process will follow in due course.



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