GM Moving appoints 10GM to support developing the GM workforce

By GreaterSport | 04 December 2019 | TAGS: leadership, development, system, #GMMoving


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We are pleased to announce that 10GM have been appointed as the lead organisation to co-design, manage and deliver a system leadership development approach for current and future leaders across sectors within Greater Manchester. This work is a key priority for us as we work together across Greater Manchester to achieve our shared GM Moving ambition.

10GM is a joint venture between local voluntary, community and social enterprise sector infrastructure organisations in Greater Manchester. They have specific expertise around systems leadership, working with the VCSE sector and across public and private sectors within Greater Manchester, adopting and championing community development approaches, partnership and collaboration. As well as their own knowledge and experience they will be working with a range of partners, including AQuA and Do Well to accelerate the system change required.

The approach will enable a transformation in the culture, behaviours, skills, knowledge and capabilities of Greater Manchester’s workforce to address the challenge of inactivity. The intended outcomes of the approach are:

  • More leaders in Greater Manchester will be leading in ways that are consistent with the Greater Manchester principles of reform and GM Moving’s pointers for leadership practice.
  • More leaders across the Greater Manchester system and sectors will see ‘people moving more’ as their business, and be contributing to the ambition of GM Moving through their work.
  • Support locality leads and direct delivery partners make a step change in their confidence and skills in leading a system change.

These will support in enabling a workforce fit to reaching the target of 75% of people active or fairly active by 2025.

Hayley Lever, Strategic Leader (GM Moving):

We are excited to start the next phase of leadership development work with 10GM and partners. We have already started to see and feel a shift in the leadership capabilities, style and approach of those who are working together to deliver GM Moving. Through this collaborative work, we can grow, spread and scale what we have tested, to make an even bigger difference as a community of leaders.

Claire Tomkinson, Strategic Lead: Collaboration. Macc (on behalf of 10GM):

“It’s becoming really clear that we need to change the way that we think and talk about leaders and leadership. Leaders are everywhere in our communities, and they don’t lead by their power, influence and authority, but by their vision and a desire to bring people together in a different way to make things better. They are the people that are gradually changing the way that we think about movement and activity, one small step at a time. We’re looking forward to finding them, connecting them and working together to develop an approach to leadership that is based on relationships, values, behaviours and trust”

In the coming months, 10GM will be speaking with GM Moving partners to co-design the approach with delivery starting in early 2020.

If you would like more information on this work areas contact Nick Lowden, Development Manager Workforce ([email protected]).

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