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By GreaterSport | 11 June 2021 | TAGS: GM Moving, engagement, gm moving in action

There have been over 800 people joining the GM Moving in Action engagement conversations in different capacities and across different sectors including schools, sports clubs, community leaders and volunteers, health partners, transport, housing and leisure providers, equalities groups and representatives; local authorities, and senior GM leaders including the GM Mayor. The notes from some of the larger sessions can be found online here

All the information that has been gathered from the engagement sessions is being read through as part of the ‘sense making’ process to help shape the refreshed GM Moving strategy for the next ten years.

The refreshed strategy will officially launch at the virtual GM Moving in Action Conference taking place in September. More details to follow.

How you can get involved in the Activation Phase

With the easing of restrictions, we see this as a perfect opportunity to amplify our collective messages and work together to design moving back into life, for all those impacted by the pandemic. 

We would love you to get involved by joining us in using #GMMovingInAction on social media to show what GM Moving in Action looks like. This is not necessarily about putting something new on; this is about showcasing what’s already happening, the things you and others are doing, however big or small, be they in person or online or putting into action your ideas or plans to inspire, motivate and grow the movement for movement through the summer months. 

Examples of what GM Moving in Action looks like

GM Moving in Action looks different for different people in different roles, in different organisations – we want to show that. We want to show the breadth of the work taking place across Greater Manchester.

Together we can share examples, share photos and tell stories of change in every layer of the diagram below; showing how culture change, system change and behaviour change are taking place right now. And by telling these stories and shining a light on positive change, we can inspire and create the conditions for more!

  • Cultural norms and ideologies

How language has changed through the pandemic, how our collective mindset shifts have taken place and where physical activity was lifted up in our hierarchy of values - seen as one of only three ‘essential’ reasons to leave home during lockdown. All the ways that cultural norms have adapted during the pandemic with people wearing different clothes to work in, walking from home, riding bikes on quiet roads.

  • Policy

Workplaces and schools putting policies in place to allow staff or pupils to wear active soles or active wear instead of office wear or a uniform which some are keeping now that they’ve seen the positive impact it has.

  • Physical Environment

Low traffic neighbourhood trials and pop up cycle lanes.

Ensuring steps are as visible as lifts in new workspaces.

Including bike storage in new and refurbished facilities.

  • Organisations & Institutions

A physical activity programme you or your organisation have been doing. Eg, The Daily Mile.

Share the impact via personal stories of the benefits of a physical activity programme in your locality or community club.

  • Social Environment

Encourage a friend or family meeting to get moving by joining you on a Daily Mile for example.

Taking a walking meeting and supporting your colleague(s) to do the same. 

  • Individual

Taking the stairs instead of the lift

Cycle or walk to the shops instead of driving.

So please take to social media using #GMMovingInAction to help showcase what GM Moving In Action looks like.

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