Physical activity is good for your heart, in more ways than one

By GreaterSport | 14 February 2020 | TAGS: physical activity, Heart health, Valentine's day


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When we think of the benefits of physical activity, many of us know that it is good for our heart health. But it’s not just physiologically that our hearts can benefit. This Valentine’s Day, hear from John and how moving more helped him as he dealt with personal heartbreak.

Two years ago, John from Rochdale started attending weekly sessions with Link4Life and was doing well. However six months in, John suddenly stopped attending the classes, with the instructors not being sure as to why. A few weeks passed by before John re-appeared at the classes, this time accompanied by his daughter.

John’s daughter informed the instructor that his wife had suddenly passed away, which is why he had stopped attending the classes. The instructors were incredibly understanding and supportive, letting John know that he was welcome back whenever he felt able to come back. When John did return, he was welcomed back by instructors and participants alike, as if he’d never been away.

Fast-forwarding to the present day, John cannot understate the massive impact that the classes have had on his life after the sudden loss of his wife. He now attends eight classes each week, helping him to overcome loneliness, make new friends and gives him a reason to get up, dressed and out of the house. Whilst nothing can come close to healing the heartbreak of losing his wife, the love and support he feels from the class has helped to ensure that John will never feel lonely again.

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