Greater Manchester Adult Activity Levels November 2018-19

The latest Active Lives results published by Sport England shows that 73.8% of adults in the region are active for at least 30 minutes a week, this equates to 1,649,900 adults moving. This is an increase of 17,400 from the survey 12 months ago.

Greater Manchester Overview

26.2% inactive. 11.8% fairly active, 62.0% active

The latest results continue the positive trend in activity levels for Greater Manchester. The region has now reached 73.8% of the adult population moving (active and fairly active), this equates to 1,649,900 adults. Since the first Active Lives release, November 15-16, there has been an increase of 2.6% of the adult population moving, this is more than double the national increase of 1.0%. However, despite the strong growth in Greater Manchester the proportion of people moving is still below the national average of 75.5%.

Greater Manchester Moving Population Compared to England Over Time

When this latest release is combined with activity data on children and young people, our progress towards our two key targets is clear.

Find out more about activity levels of children and young people in Greater Manchester here.

There also remains clear differences between the boroughs; there is a difference of 9.7% between the most active borough, Bury, and the least active, Oldham.

Borough Moving Levels

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There are key differences in activity levels across different demographic groups, however, since Active Lives was launched GM has seen a decline in inactivity across nearly all demographics, the exception being 16-34 year olds. It is also important to note the narrowing of inequality gaps, in particular the inactivity age gap which has shrunk from a 35.2% difference between those aged 75+ and those aged 16-34 to a 27.1% difference. Whilst this is still a large gap that needs to be tackled this is the largest reduction in an inactivity gap across GM.

Inactivity by Demographics Over Time

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The full national report for the November 18-19 release can be found here.