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Research & Insight: Women and Girls

We know that women and girls are less likely to be active than men, with women facing a number of practical and emotional barriers preventing them from being as active as they would like to be. It is important to recognise and understand the specific barriers women and girls face, which include fear of judgement and a lack of time, so that we can work to address these barriers when redesigning moving back into daily life. Here you will find the latest research related to the physical activity and sport levels, motivations and barriers of women and girls.

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By GreaterSport

A detailed breakdown of the latest Active Lives research into the difference in activity levels across genders in Greater Manchester.

By GreaterSport

The latest research from This Girl Can has found a number of small changes could encourage women to go to the gym more often.

By GreaterSport

UCL is conducting a large scale research project throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and are exploring the effects of the pandemic on the population. This is being done by examining a variety of social factors, including physical activity, and looking at changes through weekly surveys.

By GreaterSport

Coronavirus has had profound implications for daily life and the latest research from Women in Sport looks to explore the impact of lockdown on women across the lifecourse.

By Sport England

An article from Sport England this week alerts us to the fact that busy mums should prioritise their own activity levels.

By Women in Sport

Women in Sport research released this year has found that too many girls are dropping out of sport and physical activity during teenage years and developing deep-rooted negative attitudes towards it, which act as barriers throughout life.