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As we get older, we become less likely to be active, over half of all inactive people in England are aged 55 and over. We know that the barriers to being active as you age aren't necessarily related to age or physical ability. We also know that for older adults, making small changes to move a little bit more can have a massive impact on health and happiness. Here you will find the latest research related to the physical activity and sport levels, motivations and barriers of older adults.

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By GreaterSport

A detailed breakdown of the latest Active Lives research from Sport England exploring the differences in activity levels by age across Greater Manchester.

By GreaterSport

A detailed breakdown of the latest Active Lives research into the difference in activity levels across ages in Greater Manchester.

By GreaterSport

This Dementia Action Week, we’ve collated some statistics on how physical activity can help to both reduce the risk of developing dementia and support those living with it

By GreaterSport

UCL is conducting a large scale research project throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and are exploring the effects of the pandemic on the population. This is being done by examining a variety of social factors, including physical activity, and looking at changes through weekly surveys.

By Active Lives

As we age, inactivity (less than 30mins a week) increases, with older adults being more than twice as likely to be inactive, 75+ years 54% and 55+ years 36.8% compared to 16-34 year olds 18.7% in GM.