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By Women in Sport

Women in Sport research released this year has found that too many girls are dropping out of sport and physical activity during teenage years and developing deep-rooted negative attitudes towards it, which act as barriers throughout life.

By Youth Sport Trust

In June 2019 Youth Sport Trust released research around their Girls Active Project, the key points, motivators, barriers and considerations around why less girls are active than boys.

By Active Lives

The Adults Active Lives release by Sport England covering November 2016-17 to November 2017-18 shows that there are now 73.2% adults active for at least 30 minutes a week in Greater Manchester, which equates to 1.63 million adults.

By Active Lives

In Greater Manchester, people in the lowest socio-economic status groups are twice as likely to be inactive (36.7%) as those in the highest groups (17.8%).

By Active Lives

The Chief Medical Officer states that UK adults should do 150 minutes, or more, of activity per week. That’s a little over 20 minutes per day, on average, and can take any form to suit age, ability, and preferences. However, in Greater Manchester, there’s a big variation in activity levels across different ethnic groups.

By Active Lives

People with a long-term disability or health condition are twice as likely to be inactive as those without. Worryingly, in Greater Manchester inactivity levels across this group are higher than national average figures.