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By GreaterSport

A document detailing a snapshot of the physical activity picture across the borough of Oldham as of February 2020

By Active Lives

67.7% of adults in Oldham are moving, at least 30 minutes a week, equivalent to 123,400 adults. This is a decrease since baseline (November 2015-16) of 5.8% and 7,400 adults.

By Active Lives

In Oldham 70.2% of children and young people are not achieving an average of 60 active minutes per day, which means that only 3 in 10 are doing enough activity to stay healthy.

By Active Lives

Inactivity has increased (by +5.1%) since 2015-16 in Bury, although those that are fairly active has increased (by +0.7%), those reaching the recommended amount of movement to benefit their health has decreased (by-5.7%).