Stockport Adult Activity Levels Nov 17-18

Overall inactivity levels have increased (by +1.5%) since 2015-16 in Stockport. This is mainly due to a decrease in those that are fairly active (by -1.3%), whilst those achieving 150 minutes a week has decreased only slightly (by -0.1%).

But there are nearly a quarter of adults that are inactive (24.6%), although below the GM and national averages, and equates to 57,700 adults in Stockport. Further nearly two fith's (35.4%) are not meeting the recommended amount of movement required to benefit their health, again above GM and national averages.

There are significant inequalities across people with a place. The gender and disability gaps have increased, whilst there
were not enough responses to report the socio-economic status (SES) and age gaps in Stockport. Whereas the trend at GM level has seen the gender, age and disability gaps narrow, but the SES gap remain the same.