Wigan Adult Activity Levels Nov 17-18

Overall there are more adults moving in Wigan, an increase by 13,000 adults since 2015-16. Mostly due to an increase of 12,800 adults (+4.8%) who are fairly active, whereas those achieving 150 minutes a week has decreased slightly (by -0.3%).

But there are over a quarter of adults that are inactive (28.2%), which is above the GM and national averages, and equates to 74,300 adults in Wigan. Further over two fith's (43.2%) are not meeting the recommended amount of movement required to benefit their health, again above GM and national averages.

There are significant inequalities across people with a place. The gender gap has narrowed, but the socio-economic status (SES) and disability gaps have increased, whilst there were not enough responses for the age gap in Wigan. Whereas the trend at GM level has seen the gender, age and disability gaps narrow, but the SES gap remain the same.