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Active Lives

Overall there are more adults moving in Salford, an increase of 14,100 adults since 2015-16. Whilst those achieving 150 minutes a week has increased by 6,800 adults (+2.2%), those who are fairly active has increased by 7,600 adults (+3.4%).

Active Lives

In Salford 56.4% of children and young people are not achieving an average of 60 active minutes per day, which means that only 4 in 10 are doing enough activity to stay healthy.

Active Lives

75.6% of adults in Salford are moving, at least 30 minutes a week, equivalent to 153,400 adults. This is a significant improvement since baseline (November 2015-16) of 6.7% and 17,900 adults.

Foundation 92

Foundation 92 is seeking an experienced, dynamic and passionate leader to work with the Board of Trustees to develop and implement a strategy that will enable us to grow and make a huge difference to the communities we serve.

University of Salford

The University of Salford is offering the position of head coach to all our squads to an enthusiastic individual with a background in rowing.


Ethan has captured the heart of the Salford community along with the media locally/nationally and the USA.