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Active Lives

Overall there are more adults moving in Trafford, an increase by 8,700 since 2015-16. This is mostly due to an increase by 7,600 adults (+3.8%) achieving 150 minutes a week. But there has also been an increase by 1,100 adults that are fairly active (by +0.5%).

Active Lives

In Trafford 58.6% of children and young people are not achieving an average of 60 active minutes per day, which means that only 4 in 10 are doing enough activity to stay healthy.

Active Lives

77.0% of adults in Trafford are moving, at least 30 minutes a week, equivalent to 143,200 adults. This is an improvement since baseline (November 2015-16) of 4.2% and 8,900 adults.

Institute of Swimming

Would you like to become a swimming teacher? The academy gives aspiring teachers the opportunity to receive part-funded training, mentoring, and be matched with an employer.

Access Sport

This role will be responsible for the delivery of the additional targeted outreach, events and sports leadership through additional key funding in Trafford


Discover how a teacher passionate about basketball turned a school's team around to dominate in their borough and go on to represent Trafford in the Greater Manchester School Games.