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Institute of Swimming

Would you like to become a swimming teacher? The academy gives aspiring teachers the opportunity to receive part-funded training, mentoring, and be matched with an employer.

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Sport England have published their ‘Sport for all’ report, which highlights the ethnicity gap in physical activity and sport across the country. The report highlights how deep-rooted inequalities mean people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds are far less likely to be physically active.


Activity Alliance’s Annual Disability and Activity Survey, supported by Sport England, has been released this week giving an in-depth comparison of disabled and non-disabled adults’ experiences of sport and activity. Complementing Sport England’s Adult Active Lives Survey, the report provides greater detail on the perceptions, experiences and issues important to adults with disabilities.


As part of the School Sport and Activity Action Plan, the Department for Education have invested £1.5m to support schools to open their sports facilities. We will work with a range of schools to better understand the current use of school facilities aiming to give pupils and the community access to sporting facilities that meet local needs.

John Brady

When people think about an Active Workplace, people often think of big obstacle races or endurance events. And whilst these are great, being an active workplace is much more, and much simpler than that.