Ways to keep moving

We have pulled together some tips, advice, guidance and things you can do to keep moving during this time of physical distancing, as well as guidance for those working within the sector.

The covid-19 crisis is unprecedented in modern times. The most recent Government announcements have escalated measures that now mandate people to stay at home, except for very limited purposes, which could have a negative impact on our activity levels. Whilst population health is the absolute priority, we want to encourage and support people to find their way to continue to be active for at least 30 minutes (60 minutes for children) each day.

Why this is important

Being physically active matters during this period and, actually, we think it’s more important than ever right now.
Moving more reduces the risk of serious health conditions and life-limiting diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Being more active also helps keep bodies strong and flexible as they age, and can help alleviate conditions such a depression, stress and anxiety.

In children, moving more helps them to develop healthily, supporting bone and muscle growth, while helping with balance and co-ordination.

Official regulations now mandate people to stay at home, except for very limited purposes, with all non-essential shops and community spaces closed, gatherings of more than two people in public are prohibited and schools are closed for the majority of children. However, we are permitted to leave our home for one form of exercise a day, for example a run, walk, or cycle - alone or with members of your household. For full guidance on what is, and is not permitted, please visit the government website here.

As a result of these stricter measures, people will be spending the majority of their time at home, but there are still many ways to remain active. Here we have pulled together some tips, advice, guidance and things you can do to keep moving during this time of physical distancing, as well as guidance for those working within the sector.

Moving More At Home, That Counts! #StayInWorkOut

That Counts!

Everything counts, from dancing while doing the vacuuming, to getting muddy knees in the garden and enjoying an online yoga class in the living room and whatever works for you. To make sure activity counts it needs to be for 30 minutes, you should feel slightly warmer and slightly out of breath with your heart beating a bit faster. Feeling a little sweaty is normal too.

Watch Laura, Tony and Peter’s stories and top tips to move more and stay motivated. To inspire others during these challenging times, please share your photos, videos or messages about how you’re managing to move at #ThatCounts #GetYour30In. Find us on Twitter, Facebook and Insta @ThatCountsGM.


Home Workout videos

  • This Girl Can has put together a useful list of exercises to try at home, from table top press ups to living room wall sits - and they're great for all adults alike. Take a look at some ideas here.
  • The NHS programme, One You, has 10 minute video workouts online here.
  • Fitness Blender has over 500 free workout videos that you can follow along with. View them online here.
  • Les Mills has a 14 day free trial that gives you access to over 800 online workouts. Sign up here. If you don't want to pay for a membership at the end of the free trial, make sure to set a reminder to cancel your membership at the end of the 14 day period.
  • Make Movement Your Mission - If you are on Facebook, join Bex from Monday 23rd March – Monday 20th April at 8am, midday (noon) and 4pm for a daily 10 minute workouts on the Make Movement Your Mission facebook page.
  • Life Fitness has launched free at-home on-demand workouts via Digital Coach. Accessible on mobile and desktop via any web browser, the workouts have been created by trainers from Life Fitness Academy. Sign up to access the workouts here.
  • The Body Coach has a hundreds of free online workouts that can be done at home, including sessions for beginners and children. Watch them and follow along online here.

Other Home Workout options



We are all permitted to leave our homes for one form of exercise a day, for example a run, walk, or cycle - alone or with members of your household. Please make sure you adhere to these new measures - find them on the government website here.


Walking is one of the easiest ways to get active, if you have some space or you're able to leave your house, of course. 

• It’s not all about muddy boots and long hikes. It’s about physical and mental heath and wellbeing. Just getting out for half an hour in the fresh air can be massively beneficial.
• For the selfie takers, how about an alternative selfie tour of local landmarks? Post them online for your friends to guess the location.
• Could you take a bin bag and do a litter-picking walk?
• Could you offer to walk someone’s dog, if they are unable to leave their home?
• Or walk to your local shops to pick up their shopping?

Find out a more about the benefits of walking and find other useful resources, such as walking routes from Greater Manchester Walking on their website here. Share your walks with us on social media using #GMWalking!

Couch to 5k

A podcast which slowly works you up from walking to being able to run for 5km continuously that you can take at your own pace. Plug in your headphones and pound the pavement as you work your way up. Find out more and download the podcast online here.


As an activity done typically with one person per bike, cycling offers a great way to get outdoors and move more during this time of physical distancing. Transport for Greater Manchester have numerous maps of cycle routes that you can ride along online here.

Get out in the garden

Getting outside in your own back garden can be a simple and easy way to move more and get some fresh air. Do some gardening, play some swingball, there are loads of simple ways to move more in your own back garden.

Those at higher risk

The most important thing for people at greater risk with relation to Covid-19 is to ensure you maintain physical distancing from others aligned with the government guidance.

Pregnant people

The NHS has specific guidance for exercising whilst pregnant which can be found online here

People with Long Term Health Conditions or disabilities

  • Sport England's We Are Undefeatable campaign has numerous tips and ways that you can move more within your home. Take a look at them online here.
  • Sofa Superheroes - Join instructor Kris from Wheely Good Fitness everyday for a Sofa Superhero work out! Follow them on their Facebook page and Twitter to find his sessions.
  • LimbPower have created private Facebook groups to support the physical, psychological and social wellbeing of amputees and individuals with limb difference. Join the LimbPower: Stay in Stay Active group here, and the LimbPower Juniors: Stay In Stay Active group here for juniors and their families.
  • Adaptive yoga with Wheelpower are launching a series of Adaptive Yoga videos to encourage wheelchair users to exercise from the comfort of their homes. Watch the videos here.
  • British Blind Sport have created a free online library of accessible workouts and resources to support people with visual impairments stay active at home. Access the audio exercise programmes here.
  • The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists has some top tips on how to incorporate regular activity into your life for those with a range of health conditions. Read the tips here.
  • World Cerebral Palsy Day have collated a number of exercise ideas for people with limited mobility. View them online here. 
  • Parasport home workouts - Parasport teamed up with Kris Saunders-Stowe, a qualified fitness instructor, to bring you this short, easy to follow guide to stretching and improving your mobility. This workout routine is ideal for people who might not have taken part in sport or activity for a while, and are looking for that first step into getting active again. There's no equipment necessary, all you'll need is a little bit of space to follow Kris' instructions. Watch the video below.
  • Ben from Empower You has created a full body seated workout which is ideal for people who use wheelchairs or with limited mobility. Watch the video below.


Older Adults

10 Today

Short ten minute routines to get you stretching and moving. There are both online videos that can be followed along and daily radio shows that can be listened to online. Find out more and access the resources here.

Super Six - Exercises to improve your strength and balance

Six simple exercises that can help you stay steady and stronger for longer that can be done at home. Take a look here. You can view also view a series of home exercises to help you stay strong and steady: Take a look here and press play all.

‘I CAN’ Active Calendar 2020

Later Life Training have made their new 'habit forming, movement prompting, motivation thought provoking, strength and balance monitoring' 2020 calendar free to download. Please visit their website here.

Make Movement Your Mission

If you are on Facebook, join Bex from Monday 23rd March – Monday 20th April at 8am, midday (noon) and 4pm for a daily 10 minute workouts on the Make Movement Your Mission facebook page.

Shapemaster home exercise videos

These videos aim to support older adults & those with long term health conditions throughout isolation. Physiotherapist Rachel Young talks through exercises that can be performed whilst on the sofa or on the floor. Watch the Shapemaster home based exercise films here.

Sitting Exercises

These exercises done whilst sitting, are a great place to start to build strength and balance. See the exercises here.

Flexibility Exercises

These flexibility exercises can be done at home to help improve your mobility. See the exercises here.

Balance exercises

These simple balance exercises can be done at home to help make you feel more steady in walking and moving. See the exercises here.

Strength exercises

Strength exercises like these can be done at home to improve your lower limb strength. See the exercises here.

Movement for those with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia

You can watch and follow the online videos offered by the Royal Osteoporosis Society – See the exercises here.

Over Fifty Fitness

Rosemary retrained as a personal trainer at the age of 60 and runs physical activity sessions for older adults across Manchester. She is now running Facebook Live activity sessions to keep you moving in your homes. Like her page on Facebook here to join in.

The Body Coach home workouts

Joe Wicks, has created two videos of home workouts for older adults including a chair-based workout. Watch them and follow along here.

Children and Young People

Disney dance-alongs

Created by This Girl Can - find them all online here.

Change4Life Indoor activities

Easy ways for kids to keep active indoors - find them all online here.

Change4Life activities for children with disabilities

Please note, not all of these activities are recommended during this time of physical distancing - view them online here.

Exercising with your child

This Girl Can has a number of ways you can exercise with your child (please note, not all of these activities are recommended during this time of physical distancing) - view them online here.

Get Set Resources

Get Set have created numerous resources to keep kids moving whilst at home and with their families. Access the resources here.

Go Noodle

Anyone can access these free online videos that encourage children to be active & have fun. They engage 14 million kids every month with movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts. Available for free at school, home & everywhere kids are! Visit the website here.

Cosmic Kids Yoga & Mindfulness

Free online videos that can be watched & followed at home by children, adults & families alike. Access themed yoga lessons, mindfulness activities & relaxation sessions from the comfort of your home. View them here.


Questr Scan & Seek have created an area on their website with free active English & Science games for parents & kids. The activities will give parents the opportunity to support their children to have fun while they continue to learn at home. Sign up to receive the resources here.

Alphabet Fitness Bingo

A 35 day workout challenge for children to do with their families at home. Access the resource here.

Premier League Primary Stars

Premier League Primary Stars have made their school-curriculum linked resources available for home learning, with no registration. These will support those looking for ways to educate, entertain children and keep them active. Access the resources here.

Tennis at Home

The LTA has pulled together 12 fun activities and exercises that parents and children can play at home, to hone their tennis skills while getting crucial exercise. Watch the videos here.

Free home learning resources

Youth Sport Trust have made resources available to help support children with Physical Education within the home environment. Access the resources here.

The Body Coach

From Monday 23rd March at 9am, Joe Wicks will become a PE teacher for the nation, when he starts his free, 30 minute exercises specific for kids. He will be running them from on every weekday at the same time. Tune in live on his YouTube channel here.

Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, has produced a number of short, fun workout videos especially for children. The videos are available on The Body Coach YouTube TV channel along with videos that adults/parents can access too. Watch the videos here.

BBC Super Movers

The BBC Super Movers website contains a host of free online videos & fun curriculum linked resources to get children moving while they learn. The videos feature a plethora of professional sportsmen & women as well as celebrities to engage children even further. Visit the website here.

Yoga for Teenagers

A video by Yoga with Adriene specifically designed for teenagers wanting to do yoga. Watch it here.

Our Parks Superhero Fitness

Our Parks are running free 15 minute Superhero Fitness sessions every weekday at 3:30pm. So don your capes and join them on Facebook here.

British Cycling Daily Activity Calendar

British Cycling has launched a daily activity calendar to keep kids moving and help them to develop new skills. The full suite of games and activities can be found here.

For Schools

  • Real Play at Home - Create Development are making their real play at home resource free for any family to access whilst schools are closed. Click here to view the real play at home video & preview what this looks like. Any school interested should send an expression of interest email to [email protected]ment.co.uk
  • imoves - imoves are offering every teacher the opportunity to sign up for their students to get free access to the imovement platform at home. Pupils can stay active & healthy even if they can't go to school. The platform offers fun, active learning resources that change daily & much more! Sign up now here.
  • Healthy Futures - Healthy Futures will, in the event of school closures due to the coronavirus, provide a weekly food & activity log plus daily exercise videos to keep children active. They are working with a number of organisations to create their daily home exercise videos & will also be sending out a resource pack which will include: Fitness & Sporting Challenge Cards & Active Monopoly! To receive these free resources straight to your inbox, click here.


Mental Health

Mind Resources

We know that this is an anxious time for many people and that working from home can also increase feelings of social isolation. It’s really important to look after your own health and wellbeing, so please prioritise self-care during this challenging time. Moving more is one way that can help to alleviate any anxiety you may be experiencing. Mind have pulled together a helpful resource to help you take care of your health and wellbeing. Take a look at Mind's resource here.

Anxiety UK Online Support Group

With all the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, Anxiety uk are running online support groups via zoom to help reduce anxiety our first session is Thursday 19th March at 3pm, for more information and to book your place contact [email protected] They have also collated a number of online resources to support you in dealing with anxiety during this time.

Those working within the physical activity sector

Sport England's support

They have announced some specific reassurances to any individual or organisation who receives funding, or any other type of support from us, for their work for an initial period of three months. Find out more about the extra flexibility Sport England are providing here.

Government business support

The Sport and Recreation Alliance have summarised the financial support measures introduced by the Chancellor at last week's briefing. This includes guidance for those who are eligible for business rates relief including sports grounds and clubs, sport and leisure facilities and gyms and support for the self-employed. Read the information here.

ukactive statement

ukactive works across the leisure industry to get more people, more active more often. See the information and guidance they've collated here following the closure of all sport and leisure facilities.

Support for Coaches

UK Coaching has made 10 of their key subscriber resources available for free to all registered on their website. These will remain freely available until 3 May. While the spread of COVID-19 is continuing to prove a major challenge for coaches, it cannot stop you gathering knowledge and growing your skills. We can support you to continue online and help you use your downtime effectively to get ready for the future, so that when things return to normal you will be stronger for the experience. Register now for free to access these resources.

Support for the swimming industry

Swim England have collated advice and resources for those working within the swimming industry, including dryside resources. View their guidance here.

The Federation of Small Businesses

The FSB have collated a range of advice and guidance for small businesses and the self-employed including answering frequently asked questions and actions you can take. View the information here.

Tips for the self employed

  • Take your classes online using video conferencing software like Zoom or Facebook / Instagram Live. This could offer a great chance to grow awareness of your business as more people look to digital opportunities to exercise.
  • Try providing time and space before / after the workout session to allow people to socialise online, for example, offering 15 mins on Zoom pre and post activity for chat
  • If you are charging for your digital sessions, consider discounts for other self employed people, as they need support too but ask those that are employed and still being paid to pay full price to help support local self employed people.
Please include web links to the resources where they exist.