We've pulled together a wide range of things that you, your family and you colleagues can do to keep moving during Covid-19. We've also collated guidance and support for those working and volunteering within the sector who may need our help and support during this time.

As the government announce further restrictions to curb the rising cases of coronavirus across the country, we can still find ways to keep moving safely both in our homes and outdoors. The pandemic has affected people's physical and mental health, but the good news is some simple movement can help to improve our wellbeing. Below you will find a number of resources and videos to help you to keep moving, both in your home and outdoors.

Three tier alert system

The introduction of the three tier alert system means guidance is subject to change, depending on local and national government agreements. Read the full information on the covid alert levels here. Greater Manchester moves into Tier 3 of the government alert level system on Friday 23rd October.

Click here to view what activity is permitted whilst Greater Manchester is in Covid alert level tier 3

Why this is important

Being physically active matters during this period and, actually, we think it’s more important than ever right now. Moving more reduces the risk of serious health conditions and life-limiting diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Being more active also helps keep bodies strong and flexible as they age, and can help alleviate conditions such a depression, stress and anxiety.

In children, moving more helps them to develop healthily, supporting bone and muscle growth, while helping with balance and co-ordination.

A recent YouGov survey, found that more than a third (36%) of Greater Manchester adults say they have been less physically active since lockdown began. This is why we have created #KeepGMMoving, to encourage Greater Manchester residents to keep moving to benefit their physical and mental wellbeing during these difficult times.

When you are moving, make sure you adhere to the government guidance on social distancing, which can be found here.

We want to encourage and support people to find their way to keep moving for at least 30 minutes (60 minutes for children) each day during this time. If you want to help to #KeepGMMoving, you can access the free resource bank here with images and social posts.

Please include web links to the resources where they exist.