Moving after Covid

After coronavirus, people may feel unsure of how and when to return to physical activity due to the impacts on their bodies and whether it is safe for them to do so. Below, we have collated some of the advice and guidance on how people can start to get moving again after coronavirus.

This short animation from The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy illustrates what physiotherapists say many patients can expect when recovering from Covid-19.

The British Medical Journal advises;

  • Individuals who have had Covid should have clinical assessment before returning to physical activity
  • Only return to exercise after at least seven days free of symptoms, and begin with at least two weeks of minimal exertion
  • Use daily self monitoring to track progress, including when to seek further help

This journal article offers a pragmatic approach to help patients safely return to physical activity after symptomatic Covid infection, focusing on those who have lost fitness or had a prolonged period of inactivity but who do not have an enduring post-acute ovid-19 illness. It is based on current evidence and consensus statements, and British Journal of Medicine experience in sports and exercise medicine, rehabilitation, and primary care. Read the full article here.

Exercise while recovering from Covid-19

Health Service Executive have created some advice to help you ease yourself back to physical activity as your body recovers from the effects of coronavirus. Find the advice here to help you get back moving.

Chartered Society of Physiotherapists Covid recovery advice

There is much we are still learning about Covid-19 and one thing we know for certain is that the road to recovery isn’t always straightforward. Don’t feel worried or discouraged if it takes a while to get your energy and fitness back. The following advice is designed to help you on your road to recovery. Read the advice here.

NHS recovery guidance

This leaflet gives some helpful techniques to manage some of your symptoms during and after your stay in hospital. Symptoms of coronavirus are different for each person, so some of the techniques shown here may not help you. Please use the ones which apply to you. View the full leaflet here.


If you're struggling with breathlessness, you can work through some of the simple techniques in this video to help you manage breathlessness.