Moving for Workplaces

What an Active Workplace looks like has changed. Before we spoke about the things we could do during the working day to keep us active. Gone are the walking meetings with our colleagues, taking the stairs instead of the lift or parking the car that little bit further away. As our spare rooms and kitchens have become our new office space, what are the things we can do at home to keep moving and connected during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Whilst official guidance is for office workers to work from home if they can, some workplaces who are unable to work from home, such as those in essential services, are back in their work spaces. If your workplace is returning, sign up for the free Active Workplace Toolkit to find tips to embed moving more into the working day to keep your employees happy and healthy. Click here to view what activity is permitted whilst Greater Manchester is in Covid alert level tier 3.

During the pandemic it can be easy to fall into some bad habits when we're working from home, thankfully Nick's got some tips on how he's keeping moving whilst he works from home!

The Live Well Day - Working from Home

Many experts have spoken about the need to keep routine while working from home and keeping as close to any other working day. GreaterSport's Active Workplace Toolkit includes The Live Well Day, but now that many of us are working from home, what does this look like and how does it help us to keep a routine that supports wellbeing and moving more? Below we've come up with an idea of a schedule for your day to help you stick to a routine.

7.00am - Time to get get up after 7 - 8 hours of quality sleep.

7.30am - Workout, the #KeepGMMoving webpages have loads of ideas of things to do, such as apps or YouTube videos to inspire your workout or using one of your permitted outdoor activity sessions to run, walk or cycle.

8.00am - Get ready for the day; shower, coffee, breakfast.

9.00am - Sit down in your new 'office' desk at home refreshed and ready for a productive day. 

10.30am - 10 minutes of stretches at your desk or go for a walk around the house taking the stairs if you have them.

12.30pm - Its lunchtime, sit down with your family or housemates (your current new workmates) for lunch. If you live alone, you could FaceTime a friend or family member and eat lunch together virtually.

1.00pm - Back to work after a lunchtime of good food and chat.

2.30pm - Time for another 10 minute activity session, maybe a game in the back garden or set yourself a challenge such as how many kick ups can you do in a row, the choice is yours but be creative and have fun!

5.00pm - Its the end of the day, now could be a good time to go for a relaxing walk, respecting social distancing or a home workout session.

6.00pm - Its tea time and your time to relax after a busy day in the office.

Active Workplace Toolkit

There is lots of free advice for enabling your colleagues to move more during their working day and more will be on the way as the Toolkit supports employers across Greater Manchester. The toolkit is broken down into sections that can help you to get started with your Active Workplace plans, signpost to partners who can support you and advice on developing your business case for moving more while working. It also tells the stories of other workplaces who have successfully included movement. You can register for the toolkit here

Tell Us Your Stories

If you're a workplace who has supported your colleagues to keep moving while working from home we want to hear from you. We want to share the good news stories of how businesses across Greater Manchester have stayed connected using activity. So if you have used movement to raise money for charity or maybe online workouts as a way of keeping in touch we want to hear about it and share your success. Contact John Brady to tell us more. 


TRIBE.MCR harnesses the power of movement and exercise to promote all aspects of health, including mental wellbeing and social connectivity. This is based on Dr Jessicarr Moorhouse's (founder) clinical experience and scientific knowledge base, as well as her passion for helping others to be more active, throughout their life.

TRIBE.MCR has a number of offerings: Personal Training, Group Exercise, ‘Introduction to Exercise’, Corporate Wellness, Events, Community Projects. You can visit their website here

The Business Health Group 

In keeping with The Business Health Group's holistic approach to employee wellbeing, they have put together their top tips for surviving these unprecedented times by keeping our Mental, Physical and Nutritional Health in check. By sticking to these simple rules you will be able to build positive lifestyle habits and lay down strong foundations for a healthier, more productive and happier you. Not to mention regular updates, live morning energiser workouts and stretch and relax classes. For more information visit their website here

Open Minded Fitness Group - Virtual Timetable

A diverse timetable of exercise from husband and wife team Nat & Wil Hesketh. These sessions are aimed at getting the whole family moving - ranging from classes that can be done in a chair for those less mobile, to dance fitness, Pilates, Yoga and family fun sessions. To find out more and request a weekly timetable please email [email protected] or request to join OMFG online classes on facebook using this link.


GoVida’s mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of the population. GoVida is the “go to” platform for employee wellness and health improvement. Their smart phone app and employer portal provide the tools businesses need to promote physical and mental wellbeing and encourage work life balance. You can find out more about how GoVida can support your workplace by visiting their website. 

Rener Wellbeing 

Rener Wellbeing support and consult companies to improve their employees' health, happiness and performance through bespoke wellbeing services. They have a holistic approach to wellbeing focusing on: Mental Health, Physical Activity, Sleep and Nutrition. Rener provider virtual live home workouts for beginners, no equipment is needed, to support people to improve their levels of activity. Whether this is your first time exercising in a while or you want a light workout to have a break during while working from home.  

Rener also offer workshops to support Mental Health, Nutrition and Sleep. An example of this is the Wellbeing Workshop which helps develop your own wellbeing action plan. For more information on Rener Wellbeing visit their website here.

More ways to keep moving for you, and your families