Active Ageing Programme

There are 849,062 over 50's in GM and they are twice as likely to be inactive than a 16 – 34 year old. By the time they are 75 they are 3 x more likely to be inactive.

As we get older, it is even more important to move more for our body and mind. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to move and connect with others and the Greater Manchester Active Ageing Programme provides just that for over 55's.

The programme is a series of eight pilots, each in a different locality that uses common principles to address the local strategic needs and provide the much-needed opportunities. Sessions like:

  • A brew, loo and something to do
  • Orienteering (not a walk in the park)
  • Toddler yoga
  • FitSteps Fab
  • Canal-a-size

Are changing the way older adults see activity.

Overall, the programme is aiming to work with over 4,500 older adults who will experience some of the benefits of being physically active:

  • Lower risk of developing a long term health condition
  • Reduced risk of mental illness/cognitive decline
  • Help maintain ability to carry out the tasks of daily living
  • Reduced risk of falls
  • Improved mood and self-esteem
  • Meeting and socialising with others.

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Real life stories of activity making a positive difference

Barbara's Story

Following retirement, Barbara found herself struggling physically, mentally and socially, to the extent that she was in severe pain physically and struggled to talk. After being convinced to join a walking group with Trafford's Walking for Health programme, all aspects of Barbara's life began to improve, with her family all noticing the change in her.


Gordon's Story

Gordon has been married to his wife for 55 years and after having to make the difficult decision to move her to a care home, increased his walking and completed a half marathon all at the age of 83. Through attending Link4Life's walking sessions, the social aspect has helped take his mind off the struggles of dealing with his wife’s dementia, releasing endorphins and reducing stress. Gordon has inspired many others at Vets in the Community and the Walking Group to do more exercise.

Learn more about Gordon's story here

Core Principles

Embedding physical activity in whole system community approaches that support improved outcomes for older adults

Holding person-centred, strength based conversations with older people to understand their lives in their community and understand the opportunity for increased activity to improve their lives

Involvement of inactive older people from the target audience in the design of solutions

Applying evidence based approaches to engaging older adults in physical activity and using behaviour change theory to support this work

Linking physical activity for older adults to local models of social prescribing across GM where relevant

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By GreaterSport | 14 February 2020

It’s important to look after our hearts; hear Lilian’s story about how she used physical activity to help her recovery after open heart surgery.

Gordon defies the odds, and his doctors, with physical activity

By GreaterSport | 17 October 2019

Gordon’s story is one of strength, determination and the power of physical activity in defying doctor’s expectations.

A successful first Greater Manchester Active Ageing Week

By GreaterSport | 14 August 2019

The inaugural Greater Manchester (GM) Active Ageing Week took place from July 29th – August 2nd 2019 aiming to encourage and enable older adults to move more within everyday life to benefit their mental and physical health and to reduce social isolation.