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Minister for Sport Mims Davies pledges to increase participation numbers among girls and women

By GreaterSport | 28 March 2019

​The Minister for Sport, Mims Davies, has this week vowed to increase the number of females participating in sport stating that it will be one of the ‘cornerstones’ that the government will be driving as they look to increase sports participation.

Greater Manchester businesses urged to move more and follow hundreds of local schools in joining The Daily Mile

By GreaterSport | 26 March 2019

Greater Manchester celebrates one year on from announcing its commitment to become the world’s first Daily Mile city-region

Back for the 5th year: Greater Manchester Walking Festival 1st-31st May 2019

By GreaterSport | 25 March 2019

​No matter whether you’re a stroller, roamer, shuffler, moocher or a marcher the Greater Manchester Walking Festival (GM Walking Festival ) has something for you.

Active Lives: Children and Young People Survey: Attitudes

By GreaterSport | 21 March 2019

Following the first release of the Active Lives Children and Young People Survey results in December; Sport England have now released the attitudinal data from the survey, showing how children feel about Sport and Physical Activity.

GM Moving: Interim research and insight findings

By GreaterSport | 21 March 2019

The interim findings from research that has been undertaken to inform the development of a marketing campaign to support the objectives of the Local Pilot is now available.

​Greater Manchester young sporting stars compete at the Greater Manchester School Games

By GreaterSport | 19 March 2019

2,000 school pupils from across Greater Manchester gathered at The Regional Athletics Arena this morning for the opening ceremony of the 2019 Greater Manchester’s Winter School Games.