Salford Children & Young People's Activity Levels Academic Year 18-19

In Salford 53.8% of children and young people are not achieving an average of 60 active minutes per day, which means that just under half are doing enough activity to stay healthy.

Activity Levels Among Salford's Children & Young People

46.2% of children in Salford are now achieving an average of 60 minutes of physical activity a day, however, over half of the young people in Salford are not achieving this which is particularly concerning. However, this does place them above the Greater Manchester figure of 45.2% achieving an average of 60 minutes physical activity a day.

Salford's Children & Young People

These figures are important as in Salford:

37.1% of children finish primary school as either overweight or obese, we know that physical activity has a role to play in these figures and this was highlighted by the Chief Medical Officer with active travel and physical activity being highlighted as approaches to tackle childhood obesity.

39% of children are classified as living in poverty in Salford (after housing costs) according to End Child Poverty, compared to 30% nationally. The Active Lives Survey shows us that those young people from less affluent households are more likely to be less active.