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Active Lives

Overall inactivity levels have increased (by +1.5%) since 2015-16 in Stockport. This is mainly due to a decrease in those that are fairly active (by -1.3%), whilst those achieving 150 minutes a week has decreased only slightly (by -0.1%).

Active Lives

In Stockport 54.4% of children and young people are not achieving an average of 60 active minutes per day, which means that only 4 in 10 are doing enough activity to stay healthy.


Life Leisure is recruiting for an Assistant Sport and Physical Activity Development officer to support the Sport Development team in the delivery of the Local Pilot programme.

Progressive Sports

Progressive Sports is looking for super dedicated and enthusiastic people, who can deliver inspiring and engaging sports sessions in various different Sports.


Life Leisure has been awarded the Best Not for Profit Organisation for Local Community Work.


British Weight Lifting and Life Leisure will be hosting The BIG Christmas Lift at Houldsworth Village in Stockport on Sunday 6th December 2015.